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Deploy anywhere with the most flexible data and analytics platform

Our company is essentially an artificial person also known as a corporate personhood in the sense that it is an entity separate from the individuals who own, manage and support its operations. Corporations are generally organized to make a profit from business activities

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Solve any problem and answer every question

Problem solving is the act of defining the problem, determining the cause of the problem, identifying, prioritizing, and selecting alternatives for solutions; and solution implementation. Use your preferred languages and increase performance while reducing friction, time and cost all without moving data.

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Get the lowest total cost of ownership at enterprise scale

Your hand is on millions of datasets representing trillions of dollars. These are long-term costs and expenses incurred during the life of the product and final disposal. Total cost of ownership (TCO) is the cost of buying something plus the cost of operating it over its lifetime. The aim is to take into account the total cost the business will incur to operate the asset, not just the initial acquisition cost.

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Data Engineering and Data Warehousing

Data engineering refers to the transformation of data into a format useful for analysis. This often involves managing the source, structure, quality, storage and availability of data so that it can be queried and analyzed by other analysts. The Data Warehouse Engineer Professional certificate provides you with the skills and knowledge to design, deploy and manage enterprise data.

Data Mining and Statistical Analysis

Data Mining refers to the application of statistics in the form of exploratory data analysis and predictive models to uncover patterns and trends in data from existing data sources. This person will be able to look at a business problem and translate it into a data question, create predictive models to answer the question, and tell a story about the findings.

Cloud and Distributed Computing

Cloud and system architecture refers to the design and implementation of enterprise infrastructure and platforms required for cloud and distributed computing. Cloud computing is where all needed resources are accessed and delivered over the internet, while distributed cloud computing is the sharing of resources between multiple systems over a network.

Data Analytics as a Service

The responsibilities of data analysts can vary across industries and companies, but basically, data analysts use data to gain meaningful insights and solve problems. They analyze well-defined data sets using an arsenal of different tools to address tangible business needs: eg why sales fell in a certain quarter, why a marketing campaign did better in certain regions, how internal attrition affects revenue, etc.

Data analysts have a number of fields and titles, including (but not limited to) database analyst, business analyst, market research analyst, sales analyst, financial analyst, marketing analyst, advertising analyst, customer success analyst, operations analyst, pricing analyst, and international strategy analyst. The best data analysts have both technical knowledge and the ability to communicate quantitative findings to non-technical colleagues or clients

Unsatisfied with Your Existing Analytics?

ScienceSoft helps you obtain enterprise-class analytics in the cloud with no infrastructure deployment and management. We set up and administer all the required elements – a data warehouse (DWH), ELT/ELT, OLAP, reporting and dashboarding, etc

ScienceSoft’s Approach to Data Analysis

Areas of analysis
Types of analytics
  • Descriptive
  • Diagnostic
  • Predictive
Analysis methods
  • Analysis of business data using grouping and aggregation.
  • Analysis of business data using data science.
  • Analysis of sensor data and big data using data science.

What Makes ScienceSoft a Reliable DAaaS Provider?

  • 33 years of experience in data analytics.
  • 17 years of experience in rendering data warehouse services, designing and implementing business intelligence solutions.
  • Traditional BI and big data projects with Microsoft Power BI since 2016.
  • Competencies in machine learning, artificial intellige
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001-certified to assure the quality of the data analytics services and the security of the customers' data.
  • ScienceSoft USA Corporation is listed among The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies 2022 by Financial Times.
  • Deep expertise in 30 industries, including manufacturing, retail and wholesale, professional services, healthcare, financial services, transportation and logistics, telecommunications, energy, and others.

Highlights of Data Analytics as a Service with ScienceSoft

No infrastructure setup and administration burden

To deliver the required analytics to you, we:

  • Design an analytics solution with minimal cloud consumption.
  • Integrate 10+ cloud services, possibly, from different cloud vendors, into a single customized package.
  • Configure and develop the analytics solution’s components (DWH, ETL/ELT, OLAP, reports and dashboards), set up data management procedures, etc.
  • Support and administer the analytics solution.

Optimal delivery of analytics insights

To help you seamlessly integrate analytics output into your existing workflows, we offer:

  • Customized reports and dashboards for different business users delivered on a predefined schedule or triggered by certain events.
  • Dynamic reports and configurable dashboards with the possibility to drill down, pivot and filter data for deeper analysis.
  • A self-service analytics platform with secure role-based access.

Data analysis is available as fast as possible

Making time our priority, we deliver:

  • First online dashboard consisting of a few charts and tables – in 1 day.
  • New online dashboard – in 4 hours to 2 days, depending on its complexity (may be longer if data cleansing is required)
  • Change in the existing report or dashboard – in 2-8 hours, depending on the urgency and SLA

Pricing Models for Analytics as a Service

Business Intelligence Services

Business Intelligence (BI) services are offerings for the design, development and deployment of business processes and for the integration, support and management of related technology applications and platforms.

Predictive Analytics Services

Predictive analytics technology helps businesses grow by implementing a customer-centric strategy and extracting insights from business data to better understand customer behaviora and personalize offers.

Application Development Services

Application development services help in creating well-designed, user-friendly and fast applications for external or internal users. ScienceSoft offers experience in UX and UI design.

Data Engineering Services

An organization can use data engineering services Make better decisions based on the powerful knowledge you gain from data Improving product quality and user experience by analyzing collected data Identifying new business opportunities by predicting behavior based on historical data

Prescriptive Data Solutions

Prescriptive Data Solutions is a technology consulting firm focused on data - ensuring its accessibility, availability and protection. We provide infrastructure, backup and recovery and security, services and solutions, on-premise and cloud. Prescriptive Data Solutions provides information technology consulting.

Machine Learning Services

Machine learning as a service is an umbrella term for a collection of different cloud platforms that use machine learning tools to provide solutions that can help ML teams with: predictive predictive analytics for various use cases, data preprocessing, model training and tuning, orchestration runs.

Want to Know AaaS Pricing for Your Case?

ScienceSoft’s team will provide you with the configuration description and price information for cloud services in your specific case.

Look at Our Customer's Success Story

Strategic Market Analysis for a Management Consultancy

To deliver the required analytics to you, we:

  • A data analytics solution (a DWH, an OLAP cube, and a web interface) deployed and maintained by ScienceSoft for a monthly subscription fee.
  • Pre-built and ad hoc reporting based on the 10-year history of external data about strategic, financial and marketing aspects of the airline industry market.
  • Configurable user access permissions
  • Desktop and mobile access to reports.

Grab AaaS Benefits and Be Effective Right Now!

To deliver the required analytics to you, we:

  • PAnalytics cost reduction due to no/little upfront investments and the elimination of continuous software license fees.
  • Configurable user access permissions
  • Desktop and mobile access to reports.

Don’t Miss Out on AaaS Benefits!

ScienceSoft can help you meet your data analytics objectives with minimal involvement from your side and a reduced total cost of ownership.

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Brand new to Goprogs Workspace? Make the most of our customizable platform by learning these core features! For an overview of

Brand new to Goprogs Workspace? Make the most of our customizable platform by learning these core features! For an overview of

Brand new to Goprogs Workspace? Make the most of our customizable platform by learning these core features! For an overview of

Brand new to Goprogs Workspace? Make the most of our customizable platform by learning these core features! For an overview of

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